Charles County Government Wastewater Operations Supervisor II in La Plata, Maryland

TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS POSITION, YOU MUST SUBMIT AN ONLINE APPLICATION AT: supervisory Utility Plant operation work. The work involves directing staff engaged in operating County Wastewater Treatment Plants. Positions require the highest level of appropriate wastewater operator certification. Workers carry out daily assignments, follow through on matters, and use independent judgment and training to take appropriate actions to deal with standard recurring situations. Essential Job Functions:Monitors, operates and maintains a Wastewater Treatment Facility in a safe manner according to Federal, State, Local government regulations and permit specifications and county policies. Evaluates the waste treatment facility by interpretation of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly operational and mechanical data to operate the treatment facility in an efficient and economical manner. Trains and evaluates county employees on such items as but not limited to: county policies; operational theory; laboratory techniques and equipment; Biology; Mathematics; Chemistry; specific equipment and how to maintain them; Federal, state and local regulations and permits; safety practices and equipment; and plant specifications. Maintains and manages plant operational data and other important information required by federal, state and local regulations and permits. Operates the county wide Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) alarm system, personal and vehicle radios and phone systems-during the evening hours and weekends for the County Department of Utilities. Makes adjustments to process streams as necessary for optimum operation. Trains, coordinates and evaluates assigned personnel Maintains daily records and log books on facility functions. Insures all work is carried out in accordance with established safety regulations. Performs minor mechanical maintenance, including cleaning pumps and adjusting pump packing. Collects samples and performs process control tests. Monitors County alarm system and communicates on two-way radio. Orders chemicals and other supplies, as needed. Other DutiesPerforms related work as required. Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (These are pre-employment KSAs that apply only to Essential Job Functions.)Knowledge of-Methods and procedures of wastewater plant operation. The use and care of hand, power and other tools used in the work. Principles of mechanics as applied to the equipment, machines and devices used in wastewater treatment plants. Effective technique of supervision. Activated sludge process, nitrification and phosphorus removal. Ability to-Supervise wastewater plant operations. Perform physically demanding work. Use the tools and equipment of the work efficiently. Ability to make process control changes based on plant test data. Issue and follow oral and written instructions.Required Qualifications (Note: Any acceptable combination of education, training and experience that provides the above knowledge, abilities and skills may be substituted on a full-time year for year basis.) Training and/or Education:High school diploma or GED. Experience:Four years of progressively responsible wastewater operations experience, two of which include supervision.Licenses or Certificates:Valid driver's license.Class 5-A Wastewater operator certification.Class T1 Water operator certification. Class T2 Water operator certification and/or; Class T5 Water operator certification, where applicable. Special Requirements:Shift work required. Additional Information:Physical Demands:The work is regularly active with periods of heavy exertion, and is performed in shop or field settings and outside. Typical positions require workers to walk or stand for long periods; lift and carry up to 100 pounds; climb stairs, ladders and scaffolding; bend, kneel, crouch and crawl; reach, hold, grasp and turn objects; feel the si