Quality Support, Inc. Management Analyst in Landover, Maryland

Management Analyst

Location: Williamsburg, Kentucky

Level/Salary Range: TBD

HR Contact: Saima Beaulieu

Job Category: Exempt

Security Clearance Required: Secret

Position Type: Full Time


QSI is seeking a full time Management Analyst for work at a client site in Williamsburg, Kentucky.


Position requirements include:

­ Conduct department wide needs assessment and identify applicable knowledge and/or skills gaps that need to be addressed. Assist in analyzing, evaluating, planning, and delivering a wide range of training programs to support the professional development of the organization's production, technical, administrative and executive staff.

­ Assists the government with identifying actual and potential conflicts in contract requirements and provide recommendations for remedy.

­ Participate in relevant management meetings and workgroups to support objectives.

­ Facilitates Quarterly Quality Reviews (QQRs) and other formal quality-related reviews.

­ Develops and maintains KCC procedures for quality assurance, inspection throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.

­ Coordinates ongoing internal primary contractor contract evaluations.

­ Collaborate with the primary contractor and GTMs in the development, implementation and oversight of centralized contract tracking and reporting on all training and quality assurance activities and findings.

­ Identify and document contracting issues and develop contract improvement initiatives

­ Gather and analyze information for recommendations to senior management on all aspects and issues of CA/VO/DO/KCC training.

­ Maintain knowledge of the pertinent laws, rules, regulations, polices and precedents which affect the training program, particularly for contractors, and related support resources.

The candidate must have the ability to:


Maintain a current collection of internal and external training resources. Prepare training reports and individual training records.

­ Coordinate, reserve, and evaluate external training programs and/or conferences.

­ Conduct training needs assessments and respond to training requests identified by managers. Determine staff skill levels and training needs using various methods: review of quality assurance data, needs assessment surveys, participant course evaluations, employee feedback, and management feedback.

­ Prepare and create audio visual materials, manuals, handbooks, job aids, and other training materials as needed.

­ Identify and organize speakers or presenters if necessary.

­ Analyze participation response, develop findings and make recommendations. Plan and conduct validity and reliability studies to detect trends or weak areas to make recommendations for necessary changes in training programs.

­ Coordinate and develop training packages.

­ Provide updates and refresher training as program, regulatory or policy changes are implemented.

­ Promote innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness.

­ Prepare training certificates or Certificates of Attendance for those that attend training classes.

­ Participate in meetings, conference calls and digital video conferences as required with overseas posts, VO, State, and other U.S. Government agencies. Provide formal and informal briefings.

­ Develop a mechanism to track employee training needs by individuals.

­ In coordination with VO/DO, respond to requests for VO subject matter expert speakers for courses at FSI or other locations.

­ Consult on training as necessary or when directed.

­ Collaborate with the primary contractor and GTMs in the development, implementation and oversight of centralized contract training tracking and reporting on all training activities and findings.

­ Participate in relevant management meetings and workgroups to support objectives.

­ Develops and maintains procedures for training throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.

­ Develop and implement training records management program for filing, protection, and retrieval of records, and training compliance with programs throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.

­ Coordinates ongoing internal primary contractor training evaluations.

­ Conducts training assessments via on site and desk review processes.

­ Establishes training monitoring plans, performs training monitoring, and tracks the progress of training and corrections/issue resolution.

­ Provides support and technical assistance to the COR, GTMs and other USG staff with the primary contractor related to training responsibilities.

­ Reports on the primary contractor contract training information and contract lifecycle activities.

­ Assists with maintenance of contract COR Working files on the NVC and KCC shared network drive and other assigned functions to assist the COR, A/COR and GTMs. Establishes methodologies to track incoming work and throughput and prepares briefing material to show any changes in inputs and outputs.

­ Maintain confidentiality of information and insight obtained while performing job duties. Will require signing and adhering to Non-Disclosure Agreement throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.

Education / Experience Required:

­ Bachelor’s Degree (advanced degree preferred), and/or;

­ - Six (6) years of experience that demonstrates accomplishment of training project assignments that require a wide range of training and computer requirements and techniques. Such experience may include analyzing training-related technology, conducting studies to determine training requirements, teaching, supervising or administrating a training program, development or review of training materials or work that required training or instructing others on a regular basis, including:

­ - Five (5) years of experience utilizing a variety of office software, specifically: MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, MS SharePoint, and MS Outlook.

­ - Experience in a field that represents detailed expectations listed for this position (management (leadership), development (training) type roles.

­ - Additional Experience: General experience with Visa operations is recommended but not required.

To apply, send your resume to HR@qualitysupport.com. Please include the position title in the subject line.

Quality Support, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.